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More than a Ride...An Experience

We satisfy each client, every day, all the time, no exception!

Welcome to Royal Limousine, the Finest Luxury Sedan Service on the Gulf Coast. Your life is busy and your time is valuable – let us take the wheel! We guarantee you'll arrive on time and in style, leaving you free to focus on other matters. Whether you're headed to a big meeting or a big concert, catching a plane or catching dinner, bringing in executives for a conference or relatives for a wedding - we will deliver.

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Ground Transportation Mobile, Alabama

Royal Limousine Services

Ground Transportation Mobile, Alabama

When looking for the right transportation service in Mobile area, you are likely to want to select a company that offers dependable services, luxurious accommodations and amazing customer support.

Royal Limousine specializes in all three of these areas by combining years of experience, superior vehicles with our highly-trained staff.

This is what makes a Ground Transportation Service stand out from the other services in the area, and makes us your best choice. We strive to not just meet all your needs, but to truly exceed all of your expectations.

Whether you are in a hurry to get to the airport for a business meeting, touring the city on a road show or on your way to the chapel for your wedding day, we will surpass your expectations with proven reliability and unparalleled attention.

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